BirthdayOctober 0, 1893

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  1. About Sergo Kldiashvili

    Full name: Sergo Kldiashvili
    Also known as: Sergo Kldiashvili, Kldiashvili, Sergo
    Professions: Georgian writer

  2. Sergo Kldiashvili Death information

    Died: Wednesday, 1st of January, 1986 (Age: 92)

  3. Sergo Kldiashvili Biography

    Sergo Kldiashvili (Georgian: ????? ??????????) (1893-1986) was a Georgian prose-writer who set out to be Symbolist but then was drawn to conformist Realist prose under Soviet rule.He was the son of the noted novelist Davit Kldiashvili whom Sergo would dedicate a special book in 1945. He attended the Kutaisi gymnasium which produced many of Georgia’s 20th-century intellectuals, and then studied law in Moscow. Returning to Georgia, he joined Grigol Robakidze’s Symbolist group Blue Horns and wrote in a moderately decadent manner. Under the Soviet rule, he quickly converted to socialist prose. In the 1920s-30s, Kldiashvili composed several patriotic and socialist prose, including an anticlerical satire Abesalom the Ex-Priest (???????? ????????, 1933), more effectual The Adventures of Squire Lakhundareli (?????? ???????????? ?????????????, 1927), the plays A Generation of Heroes (?????? ?????, 1937), Deer’s Gorge (????? ????, 1944). Despite his conformism, Kldiashvili was arrested in the Great Purge of 1937, but was released when his (and Kolau Nadiradze’s) interrogator was executed.

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