BirthdayDecember 8, 1983
BirthplaceMillbrook, Canada

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  1. About Serena Ryder

    Full name: Serena Ryder
    Also known as: Serena Ryder, Ryder, Serena
    Professions: Soundtrack, Composer, Music Department
    Work: If Your Memory Serves You Well

  2. Serena Ryder Known for

    The 42 Annual Juno Awards (2013), When We Were Boys (2013), Leonard Cohen: Everybody Knows (2008), Grey's Anatomy (2005)

  3. Serena Ryder Biography

    Serena Ryder (born December 8, 1982) is a Canadian musician. Born in Toronto, she grew up in Millbrook, Ontario. Ryder first gained national recognition with her ballad "Weak in the Knees" in 2007. An accomplished songwriter and musician, she also possesses a three-octave vocal range and is considered a mezzo-soprano. Her timbre has been described as slightly nasal with a raspy lower register.

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