BirthdayDecember 23, 1922
BirthplaceNew York, USA

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  1. About Scott Vincent

    Full name: Scott Vincent
    Also known as: Scott Vincent, Vincent, Scott
    Professions: American voice actor
    Occupation: Staff announcer, newscaster, voice actor.

  2. Scott Vincent Death information

    Died: Thursday, 31st of May, 1979 (Age: 56)

  3. Scott Vincent Biography

    Scott Vincent (December 23, 1922 – May 31, 1979) was an American radio and television announcer and newscaster.Scott Vincent was a staff announcer for nearly 25 years at ABC's flagship owned-and-operated station WABC-TV in New York. His first assignments were for WABC Radio in 1955, including "The Scott Vincent Show," "Scott's Tour," Scott Vincent News." From October 1955 through April 1956, Scott Vincent was narrator/host for "New Sounds for You," a new-concept broadcast designed to compete with NBC's "Monitor." Local papers reported: "Because the United States Information Agency required a new series combining entertainment, quality of production and a comprehensive format, it requested permission from ABC to transmit "New Sounds For You" regularly on a world-wide scale." The USIA also beamed "New Sounds" behind the Iron Curtain. The premiere broadcast of "New Sounds for You" was named "Outstanding Broadcast" by Radio-Television Daily in 1955. Scott also hosted another ABC Radio program in 1956, "America's Town Meeting of the Air." "Town Meeting" tackled issues of the day such as: "Is the government controlled by Big Business." Vincent moderated that particular debate with two members of key Congressional committees. In 1957, Vincent was show announcer for "The Merv Griffin Show," broadcast live from the Elysee Theater in New York as part of the "Live and Lively" campaign for the, then, newly formed American Broadcasting Network. Scott Vincent's radio credits from 1958 include "The Constance Bennett Show". In 1961, he hosted "Pilgrimage: The American Scene," an ecumenical series sponsored by the National Council of Churches on ABC Radio, designed to showcase American heritage in songs and music, past and present.While continuing to do programs and news for ABC Radio, local and network, Scott Vincent pursued work in television. In 1957, he was the off-screen announcer in the style of Frank Galop for the classic "Shock Theater" package of 52 horror movies from Universal Studios on WABC-TV. He was also the on-camera host for "Family Film Festival." On October 26, 1959, WABC-TV News tapped Scott to anchor "Report to New York" on-camera. His colleagues included Howard Cosell with sports, and Lyn Dollar, Penny Wright (Regina Dombek), Simon McQueen and Jan Crockett with the weather. Telly Savalas was one of the original directors of these programs. Ratings were consistently strong for "Report to New York."Scott Vincent hosted other news and public service programs on-camera for WABC TV including the Emmy nominated series, "Expedition: New York," 1960-62, series for informing and entertaining children. He anchored the critically acclaimed live one hour WABC-TV special, "Youth: A Summer Crisis?" and received accolades from "The New York Times," and "Variety":"On the whole this searching analysis was a creditable public service documentary of which WABC-TV may well be proud. Host-narrator Scott Vinc

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