BirthdayMay 11, 1996

Celebrity biographies

  1. About Scott Fischer

    Full name: Scott Fischer
    Also known as: Scott Fischer, Fischer, Scott
    Professions: blond hair and chiseled nose
    Work: Scott Fischer, Mountain Madness Founder
    Occupation: Mountain guide

  2. Scott Fischer Known for

    First American to summit Lhotse

  3. Scott Fischer Death information

    Died: Saturday, 11th of May, 1996 (Age: 0)

  4. Scott Fischer Biography

    Scott E. Fischer (December 24, 1955 – May 11, 1996) was an American climber and guide, and the first American to summit 27,940-foot (8,516 m) Lhotse, fourth highest mountain in the world.

  5. Scott Fischer Family

    Spouse: Jeannie Price
    Childrens: Katie Rose Fischer-Price, Andy Fischer-Price

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