BirthdayFebruary 9, 1966
BirthplaceHiroshima, Japan

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  1. About Satoshi Urushihara

    Full name: Satoshi Urushihara
    Also known as: Satoshi Urushihara, Urushihara, Satoshi
    Professions: Animation Department, Art Department, Writer

  2. Satoshi Urushihara Known for

    The Transformers: The Movie (1986), Akira (1988), The Record of the Lodoss War (1990), Legend of Lemnear (1989)

  3. Satoshi Urushihara Biography

    Satoshi Urushihara (???? ?? (pen name) or ?? ?? (real name), Urushihara Satoshi) is a Japanese manga artist and illustrator known for his distinctive style of featuresque and beautiful characters. His work is the basis for anime such as Plastic Little and Legend of Lemnear, and appears in the Langrisser and Growlanser series of tactical role-playing video games.

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