BirthdayFebruary 2, 1970
BirthplacePhoenix, USA

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  1. About Samuel Bernstein

    Full name: Samuel Bernstein
    Also known as: Samuel Bernstein, Bernstein, Samuel
    Professions: Writer, Producer, Director
    Occupation: Author, screenwriter, director

  2. Samuel Bernstein Known for

    Bobbie's Girl (2002), Silent Lies (1996), Kill Your Inner Child (2007), Icing on the Cake (2000)

  3. Samuel Bernstein Biography

    Samuel Bernstein is an award winning screenwriter, director and author (born 1970) who grew up all over the world, living in Cairo, Honolulu, Austin, Phoenix, Albuquerque, New York City, Los Angeles, and Ft. Collins, Colorado, while his family also traveled through Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean. The dramatic events of his emotionally volatile upbringing are explored in "Kill Your Inner Child," his multimedia memoir from the Hearst Corporation.

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