BirthdayApril 28, 1982
BirthplaceLos Angeles, USA

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  1. About Samantha Lockwood

    Full name: Samantha Lockwood
    Professions: Actress, Writer, Producer

  2. Samantha Lockwood Measurements

    Height: 5' 8" (1.73 m)

  3. Samantha Lockwood Known for

    Missing Sock (2004), Shoot the Hero (2010), The Other Country: Starring Burlap to Cashmere (2012), Mexican Gold (2009)

  4. Samantha Lockwood Biography

    Samantha Lockwood played the love interest in the JT Hodges Top 10 hit CMT music video "Goodbyes Made You Mine". In 2010 she played the leading lady 'Kate' in the Showtime action comedy "Shoot the Hero!" by Christian Sesma. Ms. Lockwood grew up in Los Angeles. At an early age she began absorbing the craft of acting going on sets with her father ...

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