BirthdaySeptember 2, 1977
BirthplaceEdmonton, Canada

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  1. About Sam Rivers

    Full name: Sam Rivers
    Also known as: Sam Rivers, Rivers, Sam
    Professions: American musician
    Occupation: Musician, bandleader, composer, educator

  2. Sam Rivers Known for

    Real Steel (2011), WrestleMania X-Seven (2001), Labai rusiskas filmas (2008), Tom Green: Tom Green Live (2012)

  3. Sam Rivers Death information

    Died: Monday, 26th of December, 2011 (Age: 34)

  4. Sam Rivers Biography

    Samuel Carthorne Rivers (September 25, 1923 – December 26, 2011) was an American jazz musician and composer. He performed on soprano and tenor saxophones, bass clarinet, flute, harmonica and piano.Active in jazz since the early 1950s, he earned wider attention during the mid-1960s spread of free jazz. With a thorough command of music theory, orchestration and composition, Rivers was an influential and prominent artist in jazz music.

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