BirthdayAugust 8, 1929
BirthplaceDelvinë, Albania

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  1. About Sabri Godo

    Full name: Sabri Godo
    Also known as: Sabri Godo, Godo, Sabri
    Professions: Albanian writer, activist and politician

  2. Sabri Godo Death information

    Died: Saturday, 3rd of December, 2011 (Age: 82)

  3. Sabri Godo Biography

    Sabri Godo (8 August 1929 – 3 December 2011) was an Albanian politician, writer and scriptwriter.He was born and attended primary school in Delvinë, and attended secondary school in Tirana. His father had to leave Albania together with his mother due to political persecution.In January 1991, Godo established the Republican Party of Albania and was its chairman for seven years. He was the chairman of the National Assembly of this party. He was a Member of Parliament during two legislatures, and served as President of the Commission of Social Affairs and Foreign Policy.

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