BirthdayJanuary 5, 1939
BirthplaceBaku, USSR

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  1. About Rustam Ibragimbekov

    Full name: Rustam Ibragimbekov
    Also known as: Rustam Ibragimbekov, Ibragimbekov, Rustam
    Professions: Writer, Producer, Director
    Occupation: Film director, screenwriter and cinematographer

  2. Rustam Ibragimbekov Known for

    Burnt by the Sun (1994), Close to Eden (1991), The Barber of Siberia (1998), Est - Ouest (1999)

  3. Rustam Ibragimbekov Biography

    Rustam Mammad Ibrahim oglu Ibrahimbeyov, also spelled Ibragimbekov (Azerbaijani: RĂ¼st?m ?brahimb?yov; Russian: ?????? ????????????; born February 5, 1939) is a Soviet, Azerbaijani screenwriter, dramatist and producer, well known beyond his home Azerbaijan and the former Soviet Union. He is the chair of the Cinematographers' Union of Azerbaijan and director of the Ibrus Theatre.

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