BirthdayFebruary 6, 1940
BirthplacePittsburgh, USA

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  1. About Russell Streiner

    Full name: Russell Streiner
    Also known as: Russell Streiner, Streiner, Russell
    Professions: Producer, Actor, Writer

  2. Russell Streiner Known for

    Night of the Living Dead (1968), Night of the Living Dead (1990), One for the Fire: The Legacy of 'Night of the Living Dead' (2008), The Return of the Living Dead (1985)

  3. Russell Streiner Biography

    Russsell Streiner was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which is still his hometown. He has three children who live nearby. He continues to work in the film business as an independent producer, director and filmmaking instructor at John A. Russo's Movie Academy in Pittsburgh. Although Night of the Living Dead (1968) has been Russ' biggest "movie" ...

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