BirthdayNovember 15, 1976
BirthplaceIzmail, Ukraine

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  1. About Ruslan Maynov

    Full name: Ruslan Maynov
    Also known as: Ruslan Maynov, Maynov, Ruslan
    Professions: Bulgarian singer

  2. Ruslan Maynov Biography

    Ruslan Maynov (Bulgarian: ?????? ??????; b. 15 November 1976) is a Bulgarian actor and singer of Bessarabian Bulgarian origin.Maynov was born in Izmail in the region of Bessarabia, Ukrainian SSR (now Ukraine) to a Bulgarian family. He moved to Bulgaria in 1994; he graduated from NATFIZ in 1998 and started working with Slavi Trifonov on his TV shows Hashove and Slavi's Show. He was also a host of Gospodari na efira. In 2007, he joined up with fellow actors Lyubomir Neykov, Krastyo Lafazanov and Hristo Garbov and launched Komitsite (The Comedians), a stand-up comedy show aired on bTV on Friday evening.Television aside, Maynov has also participated in a number of theatrical plays and has released five music albums.

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