BirthdayMay 25, 1925
BirthplaceMexico, Mexico

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  1. About Rosario Castellanos

    Full name: Rosario Castellanos
    Also known as: Rosario Castellanos, Castellanos, Rosario, Rosario Castellanos Figueroa
    Professions: Mexican poet
    Nationality: Mexican
    Occupation: Poet and author

  2. Rosario Castellanos Death information

    Died: Tuesday, 1st of January, 1974 (Age: 48)

  3. Rosario Castellanos Biography

    Rosario Castellanos Figueroa (25 May 1925 – 7 August 1974) was a Mexican poet and author. Along with the other members of the Generation of 1950 (the poets who wrote following the Second World War, influenced by César Vallejo and others), she was one of Mexico's most important literary voices in the last century. Throughout her life, she wrote eloquently about issues of cultural and gender oppression, and her work has influenced feminist theory and cultural studies. Though she died young, she opened the door of Mexican literature to women, and left a legacy that still resonates today.

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