BirthdayMarch 29, 1939

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  1. About Ronnie Williams

    Full name: Ronnie Williams
    Also known as: Ronnie Williams, Williams, Ronnie
    Professions: Welsh actor and comedian
    Occupation: Actor, comedian

  2. Ronnie Williams Death information

    Died: Wednesday, 1st of January, 1997 (Age: 57)

  3. Ronnie Williams Biography

    Ronnie Williams (Ronald Clive Williams) (29 March 1939 - 28 December 1997) was a Welsh actor and comedian.Williams struggled with his choice of an acting career, making an isolated television appearance in The Wednesday Play in 1966. He worked as a bus conductor before finding fame with his appearances on Welsh language television, working as a continuity announcer and newsreader for BBC Wales. In 1970 he teamed up with Ryan Davies, and they enjoyed a successful comedy series, Ryan & Ronnie, first on BBC Wales and later, in English, on BBC1. Although Davies was seen as the more talented member of the duo, Williams made a major contribution to the writing of the series. The break-up of the partnership in 1975 was put down to Ronnie's ill-health (he was suffering from severe depression), but it was Davies who died suddenly in 1977. In the 1970s, Williams also owned the White Lion pub at Cerrigydrudion, Clwyd.He continued to appear on Welsh-language TV and played Mr Vissianni, a cafe owner, in the S4C series Tan Tro Nesa in 1985. He was also one of the stars of the film Twin Town (1997). He also starred in Crime Pays (Mae'n Talu Weithe), a bilingual S4C film, directed by Christopher Monger. Ronnie took his own life in 1997 at Cardigan Bridge in the county of Ceredigion.

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