BirthdayJanuary 25, 1901
BirthplaceRichmond, USA

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  1. About Robert Wilder

    Full name: Robert Wilder
    Also known as: Robert Wilder, Wilder, Robert
    Professions: American businessman
    Occupation: Fund Manager, Academic

  2. Robert Wilder Known for

    The Big Country (1958), Written on the Wind (1956), Flamingo Road (1949), Flamingo Road (1980)

  3. Robert Wilder Biography

    Robert Wilder (born 1960) in an American businessman, environmental activist, and academic. Wilder is known for his environmental activism and lobbying, and his ability to combine capitalist ventures with environmentally friendly policies. Wilder is CEO & Founder of Wildershares, LLC; he is also the Manager of the WilderHill Clean Energy Index, which seeks to define and track the Clean Energy sector.

  4. Robert Wilder Family

    Spouse: Diana Wilder

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