BirthdayJuly 2, 1937
BirthplaceSan Antonio, USA

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  1. About Robert Fitzpatrick

    Full name: Robert Fitzpatrick
    Also known as: Robert Fitzpatrick, Fitzpatrick, Robert, Robert Fitzpatrick (American film producer and music executive)
    Professions: American film actor/producer, music producer
    Occupation: At time of death, President of Allied Artists International parent of Allied Artists Pictures and Allied Artists Music Group

  2. Robert Fitzpatrick Measurements

    Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)

  3. Robert Fitzpatrick Known for

    It's My Party (1996), Sinners (2007), Spring Break '83, At the Surface (2008)

  4. Robert Fitzpatrick Death information

    Died: Friday, 1st of January, 2010 (Age: 72)

  5. Robert Fitzpatrick Biography

    Robert Fitzpatrick (July 2, 1937 – October 23, 2010) was born in San Antonio, Texas, brought up in New Jersey and ran away from home and went to New York at the age of 15 where he became an actor off-Broadway.He put himself through Princeton University and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, eventually serving as a Captain in Vietnam during that conflict. Upon discharge, he went to Hollywood and worked as an actor and model, playing in several 20th Century Fox films including Dear Brigitteand Goodbye Charlie. He put himself through UCLA Law School, earning an LLB and a JD degree and became a well known entertainment attorney representing many musical acts including The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones and Peggy Lee.Later, he joined Robert Stigwood to become President of Stigwood Fitzpatrick Inc. and managed such groups as Cream and The BeeGees. He founded, along with Stigwood, Casserole Music Corporation and served as its CEO and President. He served on the Board of Hair's Natoma Entertainment Group, produced Hermione Baddeley in the stage presentation of Why Not Tonite? and produced the Emmy Award winning "Underground" with Chuck Collins in Chicago. He managed many well known musical acts during this period including Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels, Arthur Lee & Love, Peggy Lee, Taj Mahal, The Buckinghams, Shady Lady, Dick Dale & The Del-tones, Dobie Gray, Crabby Appleton and many more. He also managed Don Johnson, Jay North (Dennis the Menace) and Theodore Wilson. He has worked on the soundtracks of many motion pictures including Pulp Fiction, Remember the Titans and The 51st State.At the time of his death, Fitzpatrick was the President of Allied Artists International, Inc., parent of Allied Artists Pictures, Allied Artists Music Group and the various Allied Artists Entertainment Ventures. Throughout his career, Fitzpatrick worked as President and CEO of Vista Ave Entertainment Group, a multi faceted film and music company, RFO Entertainment, a management and production company and The Robert Fitzpatrick Organization. Shortly before his death, Fitzpatrick was interviewed by the Archives of Music Preservation in what is believed to be his last interview, speaking about representing The Beatles.

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