BirthdayApril 14, 1912

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  1. About Robert Doisneau

    Full name: Robert Doisneau
    Also known as: Robert Doisneau, Doisneau, Robert
    Professions: French photographer
    Work: Chevalier of the Order of the Legion of Honour
    Occupation: Photographer, engraver

  2. Robert Doisneau Known for

    Street photography, Le baiser de l'hôtel de ville

  3. Robert Doisneau Death information

    Died: Friday, 1st of April, 1994 (Age: 81)

  4. Robert Doisneau Biography

    Robert Doisneau (French: [??b?? dwano]; 14 April 1912 – 1 April 1994) was a French photographer. In the 1930s he used a Leica on the streets of Paris. He and Henri Cartier-Bresson were pioneers of photojournalism. He is renowned for his 1950 image Le baiser de l'hôtel de ville (Kiss by the Town Hall), a photograph of a couple kissing in the busy streets of Paris. Doisneau was appointed a Chevalier (Knight) of the Legion of Honour in 1984.

  5. Robert Doisneau Family

    Spouse: Pierrette
    Childrens: Francine, Annette

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