BirthdaySeptember 21, 1962
BirthplaceNew Rochelle, USA

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  1. About Rob Morrow

    Full name: Rob Morrow
    Also known as: Rob Morrow, Morrow, Rob
    Professions: Actor, Director, Writer
    Occupation: Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Director

  2. Rob Morrow Measurements

    Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)

  3. Rob Morrow Known for

    Numb3rs (2005), Northern Exposure (1990), Quiz Show (1994), The Bucket List (2007)

  4. Rob Morrow Biography

    As an Emmy and Golden Globe nominee, Rob Morrow is a critically acclaimed actor, writer, and director with an established career in television spanning over three decades. This fall, Morrow will star in The Whole Truth (2010) opposite Maura Tierney. Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, the legal drama chronicles how a case is built from the perspective ...

  5. Rob Morrow Family

    Spouse: Debbon Ayer

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