BirthdayOctober 3, 1967
BirthplaceSan Diego, USA

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  1. About Rob Liefeld

    Full name: Rob Liefeld
    Also known as: Rob Liefeld, Liefeld, Rob
    Professions: Writer, Producer, Miscellaneous Crew
    Nationality: American
    Work: Wolverine writer

  2. Rob Liefeld Biography

    Robert "Rob" Liefeld (born October 3, 1967) is an American comic book creator. A prominent writer/artist in the 1990s, he has since become a controversial figure in the medium.In the early 1990s, the self-taught artist became prominent due to his work on Marvel Comics' The New Mutants and later X-Force. In 1992, he and several other popular Marvel illustrators left the company to found Image Comics, which started a wave of comic books owned by their creators rather than by publishers. The first book published by Image Comics was Rob Liefeld's Youngblood #1.

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