BirthdayApril 18, 1964

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  1. About Rithy Panh

    Full name: Rithy Panh
    Also known as: Rithy Panh, Panh, Rithy
    Professions: Director, Writer, Producer

  2. Rithy Panh Known for

    The Missing Picture (2013), S21: The Khmer Rouge Death Machine (2003), The Land of the Wandering Souls (2000), Paper Cannot Wrap Ember (2007)

  3. Rithy Panh Biography

    Rithy Panh (Khmer: ????? ??????; born April 18, 1964) is an internationally and critically acclaimed Cambodian documentary film director and screenwriter.The French-schooled director's films focus on the aftermath of the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia. Rithy Panh's works are from an authoritative viewpoint, because his family were expelled from Phnom Penh in 1975 by the Khmer Rouge. One after another, his father, mother, sisters and nephews died of starvation or exhaustion, as they were held in a remote labor camp in rural Cambodia.

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