BirthdayDecember 0, 1975

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  1. About Risto Mejide

    Full name: Risto Mejide
    Also known as: Risto Mejide, Mejide, Risto
    Professions: Actor, Director, Soundtrack
    Occupation: Advertiser, author, music producer, talent show judge, TV presenter and songwriter

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    Risto Mejide Roldán (born 29 November 1974 in Barcelona) -formerly named as Ricardo- is a Spanish publicist, author, music producer, judge, TV presenter and songwriter, best known as a judge on the television show Operación Triunfo and Tú sí que vales.Risto Mejide holds a degree and MBA from the ESADE business school (1997) where he also worked as a lecturer.Mejide joined the jury of the show on its fifth series and became known for his comments, which often offended the contestants. He has been compared to Simon Cowell. In 2008 Mejide published his first book, El Pensamiento Negativo ("The Negative Thinking"). In 2009 he began to work as a songwriter and music producer, associating himself with Labuat.

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