BirthdayOctober 20, 1988
BirthplaceYokohama, Japan

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  1. About Risa Niigaki

    Full name: Risa Niigaki
    Also known as: Risa Niigaki, 新垣里沙, Niigaki, Risa
    Professions: Japanese idol
    Work: Longest serving member of Morning Musume
    Occupation: Singer, Actress

  2. Risa Niigaki Biography

    Risa Niigaki (新垣 里沙, Niigaki Risa, born October 20, 1988 in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan) is a Japanese pop singer formerly associated with Hello! Project, and an actress. She was a fifth generation member of the Japanese pop group Morning Musume. She joined Morning Musume in 2001 along with Ai Takahashi, Asami Konno and Makoto Ogawa. She grew up in Yokohama after moving there at age six. She was the longest serving member of Morning Musume, and was the leader of the group from October 2011 to her graduation on May 18, 2012.

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