BirthdayDecember 0, 1948
BirthplaceChicago, Illinois

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  1. About Rikki Klieman

    Full name: Rikki Klieman
    Also known as: Rikki Klieman, Klieman, Rikki
    Education: Northwestern University
    Professions: Actress, Editorial Department
    Occupation: Television commentator

  2. Rikki Klieman Known for

    The Cable Guy (1996), 15 Minutes (2001), A Civil Action (1998), Las Vegas (2003)

  3. Rikki Klieman Biography

    Rikki Klieman (born 1948) is an American criminal defense lawyer and TV personality for TruTV. A native of Chicago, she worked in criminal defense in Boston and taught at Columbia Law School before moving to the entertainment field. Additionally, she is an author, actress, and is married to William Bratton, former chief of the Los Angeles Police Department and current Police Commissioner of the New York Police Department.

  4. Rikki Klieman Family

    Spouse: William Bratton William Joseph Bratton 1

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