BirthdayDecember 0, 1950

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  1. About Rick Ridgeway

    Full name: Rick Ridgeway
    Also known as: Rick Ridgeway, Ridgeway, Rick
    Professions: Producer, Camera Department, Writer

  2. Rick Ridgeway Known for

    180° South (2010), High Ice (1980), The Ascent (1994), The True Cost (2015)

  3. Rick Ridgeway Biography

    Rick Ridgeway (born August 12, 1949) is a mountaineer and adventurer, who during his career has also been an environmentalist, writer, filmmaker and businessman. Ridgeway has climbed new routes and explored little-known regions on six continents. He was part of the 1978 team that were the first Americans to summit K2, second-highest mountain. Since 2005 he has overseen environmental affairs at the outdoor clothing company Patagonia. He has authored six books and dozens of magazine articles, and produced or directed many documentary films.

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