BirthdayDecember 15, 1947
BirthplaceMunich, Germany

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  1. About Richard Olney

    Full name: Richard Olney
    Also known as: Richard Olney, Olney, Richard
    Professions: American politician

  2. Richard Olney Known for

    Heatseeker (1995), Sakay (1993), Blood Ring (1991), Hari ng yabang (1997)

  3. Richard Olney Death information

    Died: Sunday, 8th of April, 1917 (Age: 30)

  4. Richard Olney Biography

    Richard Olney (September 15, 1835 – April 8, 1917) was an American statesman. He served as both United States Attorney General and Secretary of State under President Grover Cleveland. As attorney general, Olney used injunctions against striking workers in the Pullman strike, setting a precedent, and advised the use of federal troops, when legal means failed to control the strikers. As secretary of state, he raised the status of America in the world by elevating U.S. diplomatic posts to the status of embassy.

  5. Richard Olney Family

    Spouse: Agnes Park Thomas

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