BirthdayAugust 27, 1990

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  1. About Richard Lederer

    Full name: Richard Lederer
    Also known as: Richard Lederer, Lederer, Richard
    Professions: American author, speaker and teacher

  2. Richard Lederer Death information

    Died: Wednesday, 6th of March, 2013 (Age: 22)

  3. Richard Lederer Biography

    Richard Lederer (born May 26, 1938) is an American author, speaker, and teacher. He is best known for his books on the English language and on word play such as puns, oxymorons, and anagrams. He refers to himself as "the Wizard of Idiom," "Attila the Pun," and "Conan the Grammarian." His weekly column, "Looking at Language", is syndicated in newspapers and magazines throughout the United States.

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