BirthdayDecember 25, 1926
BirthplaceAllentown, USA

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  1. About Richard Cornish

    Full name: Richard Cornish
    Also known as: Richard Cornish, Cornish, Richard
    Professions: Australian art historian

  2. Richard Cornish Biography

    Template:Multiple issuesRichard R Cornish (born 1942) is an Australian art theoretician and practitioner. He is a multicultural artist, writer, poet, teacher, and left-wing political activist. He has won many prizes for his art and draughtsmanship and was a top student at the National Art School. His art works span the period from 1955 until today showing the influence of modernism, Mexican social realism and Asian multiculturalism. The artwork and writing exhibits radical, militant and human responses to the main themes of our time such as protest at the Vietnam War, the emergence of women's liberation, questions of social injustice, economic crisis and ecology.

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