BirthdayMay 13, 1923
BirthplaceDallas, USA

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  1. About Red Garland

    Full name: Red Garland
    Also known as: Garland, William Mckinney, William Mckinney Garland
    Professions: American musician

  2. Red Garland Known for

    Yes Man (2008), Capote (2005), The Women (2008), Whatever Works (2009)

  3. Red Garland Death information

    Died: Monday, 23rd of April, 1984 (Age: 60)

  4. Red Garland Biography

    William "Red" Garland (May 13, 1923 – April 23, 1984) was an American modern jazz pianist whose block chord style, in part originated by Milt Buckner, influenced many forthcoming pianists in the jazz idiom.

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