BirthdayJune 6, 1896
BirthplacePhiladelphia, USA

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  1. About Ray Mercer

    Full name: Ray Mercer
    Also known as: Mercer, Ray, Ray Mercer, Merciless
    Professions: Special Effects, Visual Effects
    Nationality: American

  2. Ray Mercer Measurements

    Height: 1.85
    Weight: 115.67

  3. Ray Mercer Known for

    Dillinger (1945), Jail Bait (1954), Riot in Cell Block 11 (1954), I Accuse My Parents (1944)

  4. Ray Mercer Biography

    Ray Mercer (born April 4, 1961 in Jacksonville, Florida) is a retired professional American boxer, former Olympic Gold Medalist and WBO heavyweight title holder who resides in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He has also competed in kickboxing and mixed martial arts. He holds notable victories over top boxers such as Bert Cooper, Francesco Damiani, Tommy Morrison, Jesse Ferguson, Tim Witherspoon. As an MMA fighter he scored an upset over Tim Sylvia in 2009, winning by knockout in round one.

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