BirthdaySeptember 20, 1964
BirthplaceLong Beach, USA

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  1. About Randy Bradbury

    Full name: Randy Bradbury
    Also known as: Randy Bradbury, Bradbury, Randy
    Professions: American musician
    Occupation: Musician

  2. Randy Bradbury Biography

    Randy Bradbury (born September 20, 1964 in Long Beach, California) is the current bass guitar player for the Californian punk band Pennywise. He joined in October 1995 when founding bass player Jason Thirsk left the band. Randy was supposed to switch to rhythm guitar when Thirsk returned, but it never happened due to Thirsk's suicide in 1996. Randy played bass for early punk pioneers The Falling Idols, bass for the last Tender Fury album, as well as playing bass on the first two albums by One Hit Wonder before leaving to join Pennywise. He has a tattoo of Jack Bruce on his arm.

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