BirthdayJune 7, 1918

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  1. About Ralph Brown

    Full name: Ralph Brown
    Also known as: Ralph Brown, Brown, Ralph
    Professions: British actor and writer
    Occupation: Actor, writer

  2. Ralph Brown Known for

    The Night Is Young (1986), Valdez Is Coming (1971), The Cotton Club (1984), The Hunting Party (1971)

  3. Ralph Brown Biography

    Ralph William John Brown (born 18 June 1957) is an English actor and writer, known for playing Danny the drug dealer in Withnail and I, the security guard Aaron (aka "85") in Alien 3, DJ Bob Silver in The Boat That Rocked/Pirate Radio, super-roadie Del Preston in Wayne's World 2 and the pilot Ric OliƩ in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. He won The Samuel Beckett Award for his first play Sanctuary written for Joint Stock Theatre Company in 1987, and the Raindance and Sapporo Film Festival awards for his first screenplay for the British film New Year's Day in 2001.

  4. Ralph Brown Family

    Spouse: Jenny Jules

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