BirthdayFebruary 29, 1956
BirthplaceRangoon, Burma

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  1. About Rajesh Shah

    Full name: Rajesh Shah
    Also known as: Rajesh Shah, Shah, Rajesh
    Education: Mumbai
    Professions: Indian homeopath
    Nationality: Indian
    Work: Founder, Director
    Occupation: Homeopath, Researcher, Educationist, Author

  2. Rajesh Shah Known for

    Koi... Mil Gaya (2003), Call (2000), Dus (2005), Shakthi: The Power (2002)

  3. Rajesh Shah Biography

    Template:Multiple issuesRajesh Shah is a practicing homeopath in Mumbai, India. He graduated from CMPH Medical College, Mumbai, in 1984.He has been known as a promoter of homeopathy. Using the internet as a medium, he has launched over twenty web sites which talk about the role, scope and limitation of homeopathic treatment for various diseases. He is involved in conducting clinical trials using conventional research methods, including one for Hep C and HIV. He has researched on and introduced what he calls new Hepatitis C nosode. He also conducted a Homeopathic Pathogenetic trial of Hepatitis C nosode on healthy human volunteers. He conducted a homeopathic pathogenetic trial of Hydroquinone.

  4. Rajesh Shah Family

    Spouse: Dr Rupal Shah, MD
    Childrens: Nihaar

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