BirthdayJune 4, 1984
BirthplaceTaipei, Taiwan

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  1. About Rainie Yang

    Full name: Rainie Yang
    Also known as: Yáng Chénglín, Rainie Yang, Yang, Rainie, Yèung Sìnglàm, 杨丞琳, 楊丞琳
    Professions: taiwanese actor-singer
    Occupation: Singer, Actress, Host

  2. Rainie Yang Measurements

    Height: 5' 3¾" (1.62 m)

  3. Rainie Yang Known for

    Spider Lilies (2007), Love You (2011), Hi My Sweetheart (2009), The Child's Eye (2010)

  4. Rainie Yang Biography

    Rainie Yang Cheng Lin born Taipei, Taiwan, is known for her acting achievements in many Taiwanese dramas. Since 2001, Rainie has been in 13 Taiwanese dramas. Though she loves to act, she also sings. She was once in a band called "4 in Love" who have disbanded, but she continues to strive for her singing career as a solo artist with her 2005 ...

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