BirthdayOctober 14, 1926

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  1. About Rafael Monroy

    Full name: Rafael Monroy
    Also known as: Rafael Monroy, Monroy, Rafael
    Professions: Mexican murder victim

  2. Rafael Monroy Death information

    Died: Friday, 1st of January, 1915 (Age: 11)

  3. Rafael Monroy Biography

    Rafael Monroy Mera (October 21, 1878 – July 15, 1915) is remembered by Mormons in Mexico as a martyr of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).Monroy joined the LDS Church in 1913. Shortly after this, Rey L. Pratt and the other missionaries of American citizenship were forced to leave because of the Mexican Revolution. Monroy was made a branch president by Pratt.Monroy was taken prisoner by Liberation Army of the South (Zapatistas) in 1915. When asked to show his weapons, he held up the Bible and Book of Mormon and said "These are the only weapons I carry".Monroy was executed along with fellow Latter-day Saint leader Vicente Morales in 1915. They were slain in San Marcos, Hidalgo, largely because they would not renounce their faith.

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