BirthdayJune 14, 1943
BirthplaceOstrov, Bulgaria

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  1. About Radoslav Spassov

    Full name: Radoslav Spassov
    Professions: Cinematographer, Writer, Camera Department

  2. Radoslav Spassov Known for

    Time of Violence (1988), Lady Zee (2005), Monkeys in Winter (2006), Avantazh (1977)

  3. Radoslav Spassov Biography

    Radoslav Spasov is a Bulgarian cinematographer, screenwriter and director. He graduated from Moscow Cinema Institute (VGIK), but really, the great Bulgarian Cinematographer Dimo Kolarov trained him. Radoslav Spasov filmed as cinematographer 26 films, among them: "The Exam", directed by Georgi Djulgerov, Bulgarian Critics Award, 1971, The Youth ...

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