BirthdayJuly 2, 1896

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  1. About Quirino Cristiani

    Full name: Quirino Cristiani
    Also known as: Quirino Cristiani, Cristiani, Quirino
    Professions: Director, Animation Department, Writer

  2. Quirino Cristiani Death information

    Died: Thursday, 2nd of August, 1984 (Age: 88)

  3. Quirino Cristiani Biography

    Quirino Cristiani (July 2, 1896 – August 2, 1984) was an Argentine animation director and cartoonist, responsible for the world's first two animated feature films as well as the first animated feature film with sound, even though the only copies of these two films were lost in a fire. He is also the first person to create animation solely using cardboard cutouts.

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