BirthdayDecember 0, 1845

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  1. About Quanah Parker

    Full name: Quanah Parker
    Also known as: Quanah Parker, Parker, Quanah
    Professions: Native American Indian leader

  2. Quanah Parker Known for

    * Comanche leader to bring the Quahada band into Fort Sill, * Founder of the Native American Church & peyote religion, * The last Comanche chief, *

  3. Quanah Parker Death information

    Died: Thursday, 23rd of February, 1911 (Age: 66)
    Death cause: Heart failure by rheumatism

  4. Quanah Parker Biography

    Quanah Parker (Comanche kwana "smell, odor") (ca. 1845 or 1852 – February 23, 1911) was Comanche/English-American from the Comanche band Quahadi ("Antelope-eaters"), strictly related also to the Nokoni band ("Wanderers" or "Travellers"), his mother's people, and emerged as a dominant figure, particularly after the Comanches' final defeat. He was one of the last Comanche chiefs. The US appointed Quanah principal chief of the entire nation once the people had gathered on the reservation and later introduced general elections. Quanah was a Comanche chief, a leader in the Native American Church, and the last leader of the powerful Quahadi band before they surrendered their battle of the Great Plains and went to a reservation in Indian Territory. He was the son of Comanche chief Peta Nocona and Cynthia Ann Parker, an English-American, who had been kidnapped at the age of nine and assimilated into the tribe. Quanah Parker also led his people on the reservation, where he became a wealthy rancher and influential in Comanche and European American society.

  5. Quanah Parker Family

    Spouse: Weakeah, Chony, Mah-Chetta-Wookey, Ah-Uh-Wuth-Takum, Coby, Toe-Pay, Tonarcy
    Childrens: chance freeman and kaytlin freeman
    Parents: Peta NoconaCynthia Ann Parker

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