BirthdayFebruary 8, 1905

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  1. About Preguinho

    Full name: Preguinho
    Also known as: Preguinho
    Professions: Brazilian footballer

  2. Preguinho Death information

    Died: Monday, 1st of October, 1979 (Age: 74)

  3. Preguinho Biography

    João Coelho Neto, known more commonly as Preguinho (February 8, 1905 – October 1, 1979) was a Brazilian footballer in the striker position. He was born in Rio de Janeiro.Son of Brazilian writer Coelho Neto, Preguinho was born on February 5, 1905. He played from 1925-1938 for Fluminense and scored 184 goals. A varied athlete, (playing volleyball, basketball, waterpolo, swimming, hockey, track & field and ornamental jumps) he received in 1952 the title of "Grande Benemérito Atleta".For Brazil he participated in the 1930 FIFA World Cup and was the first captain of the Brazilian national team, scoring the first goal ever from Brazil in a FIFA World Cup in a match against Yugoslavia, and two further goals in a match with Bolivia.He died at the age of 74 on September 29, 1979. In his honour, Fluminense dedicated a statue. A Brazilian TV-programme of his life was produced by Carlos Niemeyer for Canal 100 and directed by Carlos Leonam and Oswaldo Caldeira.

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