BirthdayJanuary 8, 1934

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  1. About Piet Dankert

    Full name: Piet Dankert
    Also known as: Piet Dankert, Dankert, Piet
    Professions: Dutch politician

  2. Piet Dankert Death information

    Died: Saturday, 21st of June, 2003 (Age: 69)

  3. Piet Dankert Biography

    Piet Dankert (8 January 1934 in Stiens – 21 June 2003 in Perpignan) was a Dutch politician, a member of the Dutch Labour Party.He was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1968. There he was spokesman for foreign affairs and defence. In the late 1970s he moved to the European Parliament, and was President of the European Parliament from 19 January 1982 to 24 July 1984.In the third government of Ruud Lubbers (1989–1994) he was Secretary of State for European matters. He subsequently served a second period in the European Parliament, where he devoted himself to working for the accession of Turkey to the European Union.

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