BirthdayNovember 1, 1981
BirthplaceCornwall, Canada

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  1. About Pierre Fitch

    Full name: Pierre Fitch
    Also known as: Pierre Fitch, Fitch, Pierre
    Professions: Actor, Director

  2. Pierre Fitch Measurements

    Height: 5' 6" (1.68 m)
    Weight: 72.58

  3. Pierre Fitch Biography

    Pierre Fitch (born November 1, 1981 in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian gay pornography actor, formerly exclusive to Falcon Studios. He is also an entrepreneur, who now works for himself as an actor and producer of video productions. He is currently performing as a DJ, presenting his own mixes through a number of night clubs in Canada, The United States and Latin America. His online presence includes his private membership site that includes his almost daily updated blog. He has numerous fan-sites such as the 2008 launched Pierre Fitch Galleries.Fitch was nominated for the 2006 Best Actor GayVN Award and, with Tom Judson (credited as Gus Mattox), for Best Sex Scene (Duo). He did not win either award, being beaten twice by Johnny Hazzard. Fitch has tattoos all over his body including his neck, chest, stomach, arms and legs. Fitch is considered "versatile," though more often than not he is seen as the "bottom" (receiver) in scenes featuring anal intercourse. Fitch started off in the industry as a "twink" (younger looking boy), but has now fully grown into a more jock look.

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