BirthdayMarch 19, 1933
BirthplaceNewark, USA

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  1. About Philip Roth

    Full name: Philip Roth
    Also known as: Philip Roth, Roth, Philip
    Professions: Novelist
    Nationality: American
    Occupation: Novelist

  2. Philip Roth Known for

    The Human Stain (2003), Elegy (2008), Goodbye, Columbus (1969), The Humbling (2014)

  3. Philip Roth Biography

    Philip Milton Roth (born March 19, 1933) is an American novelist.He first gained attention with the 1959 novella Goodbye, Columbus, an irreverent and humorous portrait of American-Jewish life for which he received the U.S. National Book Award for Fiction. Roth's fiction, regularly set in Newark, New Jersey, is known for its intensely autobiographical character, for philosophically and formally blurring the distinction between reality and fiction, for its "supple, ingenious style" and for its provocative explorations of Jewish and American identity. His profile rose significantly in 1969 after the publication of the controversial Portnoy's Complaint, the humorous and sexually explicit psychoanalytical monologue of "a lust-ridden, mother-addicted young Jewish bachelor," filled with "intimate, shameful detail, and coarse, abusive language."Roth is one of the most awarded U.S. writers of his generation: his books have twice received the National Book Award, twice the National Book Critics Circle award, and three times the PEN/Faulkner Award. He received a Pulitzer Prize for his 1997 novel, American Pastoral, which featured one of his best-known characters, Nathan Zuckerman, the subject of many other of Roth's novels. The Human Stain (2000), another Zuckerman novel, was awarded the United Kingdom's WH Smith Literary Award for the best book of the year. In 2001, Roth received the inaugural Franz Kafka Prize.

  4. Philip Roth Family

    Spouse: Margaret Martinson Williams

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