BirthdayJuly 19, 1911

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  1. About Philip Green

    Full name: Philip Green
    Also known as: Philip Green, Sir Philip Green, Green, Philip
    Professions: Music Department, Composer, Soundtrack
    Nationality: British
    Occupation: Businessman

  2. Philip Green Known for

    Sergeant Cork (1963), Victim (1961), The League of Gentlemen (1960), Tiara Tahiti (1962)

  3. Philip Green Biography

    Philip Green was born on July 19, 1911 in Whitechapel, London, England as Harry Philip Green. He is known for his work on Sergeant Cork (1963), Victim (1961) and The League of Gentlemen (1960). He died on October 6, 1982 in Donnybrook, Dublin, Ireland.

  4. Philip Green Family

    Spouse: Tina Green
    Childrens: Brandon, Chloe

  5. Philip Green Net Worth

    5 Billion

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