BirthdayJuly 12, 1971
BirthplaceMalmö, Sweden

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  1. About Peter Jihde

    Full name: Peter Jihde
    Also known as: Peter Jihde, Jihde, Peter
    Professions: Swedish television personality

  2. Peter Jihde Known for

    Idol 2007, Idol 2008, numerous sports events

  3. Peter Jihde Biography

    Peter Jihde (born 12 July 1972) is a Swedish television host and sports reporter on TV4.Jihde was born in Malmö, Sweden. He has hosted Sporten, Fotbollskväll, and has presented Olympic games and football world championships. Jihde has also hosted his own talk show Hos Jihde on SVT and is a former floorball player. He is also a host on the channel TV4 Sport.Jihde has hosted Idol 2007, Idol 2008, Idol 2009 and Idol 2010 in Swedish Idol.

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