BirthdayJuly 10, 1916

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  1. About Peter Hennessy

    Full name: Peter Hennessy
    Also known as: Hennessy, Peter John, Peter John Hennessy, The Lord Hennessy of Nympsfield
    Professions: English historian and prize-winning author
    Occupation: English historian and academic

  2. Peter Hennessy Known for

    The Savage Innocents (1960), Carry on Sergeant (1958), The Quare Fellow (1962), Seven Years in Tibet (1956)

  3. Peter Hennessy Biography

    Peter John Hennessy, Baron Hennessy of Nympsfield, FBA (born 28 March 1947) is an English historian and academic specialising in the history of government. Since 1992, he has been Attlee Professor of Contemporary British History at Queen Mary, University of London.

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