BirthdayApril 14, 1958
BirthplaceGlasgow, UK

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  1. About Peter Capaldi

    Full name: Peter Capaldi
    Also known as: Peter Capaldi, Capaldi, Peter, Pena crouchmouldi
    Professions: Scottish actor and film director
    Occupation: Actor, director, screenwriter

  2. Peter Capaldi Measurements

    Height: 6' (1.83 m)

  3. Peter Capaldi Known for

    In the Loop (2009), World War Z (2013), The Fifth Estate (2013), Dangerous Liaisons (1988)

  4. Peter Capaldi Biography

    Peter Dougan Capaldi (born 14 April 1958) is a Scottish actor, film director and writer. He has played numerous roles in film and television, and is best known for being the twelfth and current actor to play the lead role in the long-running BBC One science-fiction series Doctor Who, and for the role of Malcolm Tucker, a spin doctor in the BBC comedy series The Thick of It and its film spinoff In the Loop. In 1994, he won the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film for his short film Franz Kafka's It's a Wonderful Life.

  5. Peter Capaldi Family

    Spouse: Elaine Collins

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