BirthdayAugust 14, 1951
BirthplaceNew York City, USA

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  1. About Peter Blegvad

    Full name: Peter Blegvad
    Also known as: Peter Blegvad, Blegvad, Peter
    Professions: Soundtrack, Actor, Composer
    Occupation: Musician, lyricist, Cartoonist, Illustrator

  2. Peter Blegvad Known for

    Knocked Up (2007), Mostly Martha (2001), The Man with the Beautiful Eyes (2000), Mammamia (1998)

  3. Peter Blegvad Biography

    Peter Blegvad (born 14 August 1951) is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and cartoonist. He was a founding member of German/English avant-pop band Slapp Happy, which later merged briefly with Henry Cow, and has released many solo and collaborative albums. He is the son of Lenore and Erik Blegvad, who were respectively, a children's book author and illustrator.

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