BirthdayJune 29, 1925

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  1. About Pauline Flanagan

    Full name: Pauline Flanagan
    Also known as: Pauline Flanagan, Flanagan, Pauline
    Professions: Irish/American stage and television actress

  2. Pauline Flanagan Known for

    Night Train (1998), Rage of Angels (1983), Ryan's Hope (1975), Rage of Angels: The Story Continues (1986)

  3. Pauline Flanagan Death information

    Died: Saturday, 28th of June, 2003 (Age: 77)

  4. Pauline Flanagan Biography

    Pauline Flanagan (June 29, 1925 – June 28, 2003) was a County Sligo, Irish-born actress who had a long career on stage. American television audiences best knew her as Maeve Ryan's sister, Annie Colleary on the soap opera Ryan's Hope in 1979 and again in 1981. She later returned to the show as Sister Mary Joel.Her family was deeply political and supported the Republican (anti-Treaty) side during the Irish Civil War. Both of her parents served as Lords Mayor of Sligo. She was good friends with fellow actresses Joan O'Hara (with whom she attended an Ursuline Convent school in Sligo) and the English-born Irish actress Paddy Croft, as well as British playwright Harold Pinter, whom she met while he was a young actor touring with the company of noted Shakespearean actor/manager Andrew McMaster.

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