BirthdayJune 27, 1872
BirthplaceDayton, USA

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  1. About Paul Laurence Dunbar

    Full name: Paul Laurence Dunbar
    Also known as: Paul Laurence Dunbar, Dunbar, Paul Laurence
    Professions: Writer, Soundtrack

  2. Paul Laurence Dunbar Death information

    Died: Friday, 9th of February, 1906 (Age: 33)

  3. Paul Laurence Dunbar Biography

    Paul Laurence Dunbar (June 27, 1872 – February 9, 1906) was an African-American poet, novelist, and playwright of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Born in Dayton, Ohio, to parents who had been slaves in Kentucky before the American Civil War, Dunbar started to write as a child and was president of his high school's literary society. He published his first poems at the age of 16 in a Dayton newspaper.Much of his more popular work in his lifetime was written in the Negro dialect associated with the antebellum South. His work was praised by William Dean Howells, a leading critic associated with the Harper's Weekly, and Dunbar was one of the first African-American writers to establish a national reputation. He wrote the lyrics for the musical comedy, In Dahomey (1903), the first all-African-American musical produced on Broadway; the musical also toured in the United States and the United Kingdom.Dunbar also wrote in conventional English in other poetry and novels; since the late 20th century, scholars have become more interested in these other works. Suffering from tuberculosis, Dunbar died at the age of 33.

  4. Paul Laurence Dunbar Family

    Spouse: Alice Dunbar

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