BirthdayFebruary 4, 1892

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  1. About Paul L. Stein

    Full name: Paul L. Stein
    Also known as: Paul L. Stein, Stein, Paul L.
    Professions: Director, Writer, Actor
    Occupation: Film director

  2. Paul L. Stein Measurements

    Height: 5' 10½" (1.79 m)

  3. Paul L. Stein Known for

    Sin Takes a Holiday (1930), April Blossoms (1934), The Saint Meets the Tiger (1943), One Romantic Night (1930)

  4. Paul L. Stein Death information

    Died: Wednesday, 2nd of May, 1951 (Age: 59)

  5. Paul L. Stein Biography

    Paul Ludwig Stein (4 February 1892 – 2 May 1951) was an Austrian-born film director with 67 films to his credit. Stein began his career in Berlin in 1918 and worked exclusively in the German silent film industry until 1926, when he first went to Hollywood, and spent the next five years commuting between Germany and the U.S., where he worked with stars such as Jeanette MacDonald, Lillian Gish and Constance Bennett.In 1931, Stein relocated to England after gaining a contract with British International Pictures, where he was assigned a number of big-name prestige productions, including some of the popular operetta films of the mid-1930s. For most his career, Stein's credits tended to be films primarily aimed at female audiences, although later he also directed crime and spy thrillers. Stein remained in England for the rest of his life and career, becoming a British citizen in 1938.

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