BirthdayJuly 24, 1895
BirthplaceEau Claire, USA

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  1. About Paul Kruger

    Full name: Paul Kruger
    Also known as: Paul Kruger, Kruger, Paul
    Professions: President of the South African Republic
    Religion: *Dutch Reformed, *

  2. Paul Kruger Measurements

    Height: 6' 1" (1.85 m)

  3. Paul Kruger Known for

    A Hatful of Rain (1957), The First Auto (1927), The Idle Rich (1929), Hello, Everybody! (1933)

  4. Paul Kruger Death information

    Died: Thursday, 14th of July, 1904 (Age: 8)

  5. Paul Kruger Biography

    Stephanus Johannes Paulus Kruger (/?kru???r/; Dutch: [?kry??r]; 10 October 1825 – 14 July 1904), better known as Paul Kruger, and affectionately known as Uncle Paul (Afrikaans: "Oom Paul"), was State President of the South African Republic (Transvaal). He gained international renown as the face of Boer resistance against the British during the South African or Second Boer War (1899–1902).

  6. Paul Kruger Family

    Spouse: Maria, , Gezina ,

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